How to Use a Befitted Hat Stretcher and Maintainer

The Befitted Hat Stretcher & Maintainer is meant to keep your hat in its proper shape, when not being worn, stretch your hat to a larger size, and maintain your hat for storage.

Hats tend to shrink over time, due to different climates, moisture, and weight fluctuations.

The Befitted Hat Luxury Pro Stretcher & Maintainer ensures none of these will affect your hat size.

Follow the steps below, or watch the video

1) Place the hat upside down on a table or flat surface.

2) Next, put the closed Befitted stretcher inside the hat, with the logo facing up.

Turn the black handle in the center counter-clockwise, until the stretcher is snug inside the hat.

Make sure you do not overtighten the stretcher - just make it the same tightness as you would wear an actual hat.

3) To stretch your hat to a larger size, first use steam on the inside of the hat, around the hat band area.

This loosens the material around the hat to be resized.

Repeat steps 1-2

4) Leave the Befitted Hat Stretcher & Maintainer inside the hat overnight, and by the next day, you can check for the correct hat size or repeat the steps, until you get your desired hat size.

Watch the Video Below:

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